Software-AI Specialized
Unauthorized Alternative School(UAS)New Collar Turing School

Create ValueCreate Value

Creates value in the era of ‘hyper-intelligence’, ‘hyper-connectivity’,
‘hyper-convergence’ to fostering PI-type talented person.

TEACHING METHODSWe provide students with a
variety of experiences with proven teaching methods.

Among a total 5 Teaching Methods including Project Based Learning(PBL) &
Flipped Learning(FL), we recommend a learning method suitable for students,
induce an explosive increase in learning efficiency.
  • Project Based
  • Flipped Learning
  • Team Teachning
  • Havruta
  • STAD
Unplugged, AI Mathematic, Physical Computing,
chool Qualification Examination, English Conversation, Reading Habits(Tech, Humanities, Self-Development)…

Too much, Right? But… We teach them all here.

Become Friendly with Programming
3주 과정 중급
Sequential Thinking
2주 과정 중급
Create Cryptogram
2주 과정 중급
Understanding Data
2주 과정 중급
Make Computer Work
3주 과정 중급
Computer Image Progressing
2주 과정 중급
Sequence and Pattern
2주 과정 중급
Algorithm with Solution
2주 과정 중급
Computer Thinking Process
2주 과정 중급
AI Mathematic
Matrix and Vector
4주 과정 중급
Linear Equation and Linear Independence
4주 과정 중급
Matrix and Vector Norms
2주 과정 중급
Orthogonal and Orthogonal Projection
2주 과정 중급
2주 과정 중급
Matrix Fomula
4주 과정 중급
Eigen-values and Eigen-vectors
4주 과정 중급
Probability and Distribution
8주 과정 중급
Taylor Series
2주 과정 중급
Gradient Method
4주 과정 중급


Introductions New Collar Turing School’s Core Value
  • Do you understand the future that
    technology can transform?

  • Are you constantly trying to
    change the world?

  • Do you know how
    to work together?